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How to Prepare for Your First Visit With an Orthopedic Doctor November 16, 2018

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How to Prepare for Your First Visit With an Orthopedic Doctor, Rochester, New York

Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or are in need of knee replacement, you’ll likely need to work with an orthopedic doctor. Surgery, physical therapy, and other forms of orthopedic care are often overwhelming. Taking a few easy actions in advance will help you get the most out of your initial doctor’s visit and get your treatment off to a great start. Before you arrive at your consultation, here are a few ways to enhance your first meeting with your specialist. 

A Guide to Preparing for Your First Orthopedic Appointment

Make Time in Your Schedule

During your consultation, your orthopedic doctor will review a great deal of information about your current injury, treatment options, and recovery. Since covering these details takes time, block off enough room in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed during your visit. Additionally, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment so that you’ll have time to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Organize Related Documents

Gather any medical documents that may be of use to your orthopedic doctor, including physical therapy letters, diagnostic paperwork, surgery reports, and X-rays. By having this information ready, your provider will be able to form a comprehensive view of your condition and determine the best course of treatment. 

Dress Comfortably

orthopedic doctorWear loose-fitting clothes that allow you to move comfortably. Apart from comfort, choose attire that will make it easier for your doctor to evaluate the injured part of the body. If you’re planning on getting an X-ray, avoid wearing jewelry and other accessories that may interfere with the imaging process.

Prepare a List of Questions

While your doctor will provide you with as much information as possible, it’s a good idea to bring a list of questions or concerns you want to address to promote clear communication with your doctor. Having this list will ensure you don’t forget to bring up something you need more information about. 

Bring Support

Depending on the extent of your injury, driving to your appointment and moving around may be difficult. By recruiting a friend or family member to come with you, you’ll limit your obstacles to getting to the clinic. Your support person may also be able to take notes for you during the visit and offer moral support. 

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