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Catering to the needs of today’s active lifestyles, Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester provides the care and resources necessary to help their patients achieve improved mobility and performance.  As trusted physicians and orthopaedic surgeons in Rochester, NY, this team of medical experts offers comprehensive services that address a range of musculoskeletal health issues, including sports medicine, joint care, and bone health.

The staff at Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester is committed to maintaining and improving health for the whole family. As such, their services are ideal for patients of all ages — including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. In addition to continuous care services, the Rochester orthopaedic clinic will help in emergencies when your loved ones need urgent care for accidents related to bones and joints.

Focused on convenience and comfort, Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester features two x-ray suites so patients don’t have to go back and forth from different providers in order to get a professional diagnosis. As a leading sports medicine provider in the region, the orthopaedic specialists make same-day care a priority to address common injuries, including bone and joint trauma, fractures, joint dislocations, and sports injuries. If surgery is necessary, their surgeons work with local hospitals to perform the procedure. For non-emergency orthopaedic conditions — such as arthritis, joint degeneration, or osteoporosis — appointments can be made in a timely manner in as little as a week.

Visit the Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester’s website to learn more about their staff and services or to make an appointment. Patients can also call their offices directly at (585) 723­-3000 to schedule appointments and receive informed assistance regarding orthopaedic questions or concerns.

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