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How Connecticut Residents Can Prepare for Hurricanes November 8, 2018

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How Connecticut Residents Can Prepare for Hurricanes, Willimantic, Connecticut

While most of this year’s hurricanes caused damage in southern states and along the lower East coast, Connecticut is not immune to the storm’s devastation. That’s why state officials continue to encourage residents to be prepared until hurricane season officially ends on November 30. Homeowner’s insurance providers also suggest taking the following steps in case another natural disturbance emerges.

Tips for Hurricanes Preparation

Establish an Emergency Contact Plan

After a major storm, power can be out for days. To keep in touch, ask a trusted, out-of-state relative or friend if they would be willing to be a designated contact. Connecticut residents affected by the storm can exchange phone numbers, and the contact can relay messages to family members.

Use the CTPrepares™ App

homeowners insuranceConnecticut has launched its CTPrepares mobile app to provide residents with the latest emergency alerts. The free app can be downloaded on tablets and smartphones and is available through the Google Play® and Apple iTunes® store. In addition to updates, the app also lists helpful preparation tips before a storm or hurricane occurs.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Take the time to look over your homeowner’s insurance policy. Identify what personal items and property structures are covered for repairs and replacement. Know what your coverage limits are; if needed, make any adjustments. Take pictures, and make a list of all your valuables. You may need the information later when submitting an insurance claim. Make a copy of your complete insurance file and keep it in a water-resistant and fireproof safe or a bank safety deposit box.

Create an Emergency Kit

The contents can vary, but homeowner’s insurance providers suggest including several essentials. These include enough bottled water to last at least two weeks, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, and a manual can opener. Also include non-perishable food items and extra cell phone chargers. If applicable, ask your doctor for an extra prescription of any needed medications.


With a bit of prep work, Connecticut residents can be prepared for any late-season hurricanes. K.L. Smith Agency in Willimantic, CT, is the area’s trusted partner for assisting with proactive measures and homeowner’s insurance claim submissions. Since its founding in 1953, individuals and business owners have relied on the family-owned firm for reliable and affordable coverage. If you need help with reviewing an existing policy or require more protection, call (860) 423-9294 today for a consultation and free estimate. Visit the website for the complete list of insurance products, including commercial liability insurance.

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