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For 62 years, home and business owners have relied on K.L. Smith Agency in Willimantic, Connecticut for all of their insurance needs. The family-owned and operated agency continues to uphold a commitment to providing their clients with top-notch personal service, access to the best insurance policies, and the area’s most competitive rates.

Founded in 1953 by Kenneth L. Smith, the K.L. Smith Agency evolved in 1956 when Royden Smith, Kenneth’s brother, bought the agency and expanded it to a full-time business. As word of mouth spread, the insurance company’s customer base grew. The family tradition continued when Royden's sons, Todd and Garth, joined the company in 1978 and 1980.

Today, K.L. Smith Agency offers a full suite of insurance plans for nearly every aspect of your life at rates that won’t break your budget. From car insurance, flood insurance, and small business insurance to homeowners' insurance, life insurance, and health insurance, the team of specialists at K.L. Smith Agency will ensure you have the protection you need. One quality that distinguishes the insurance agency from their competitors is the wide range of unique policies K.L. Smith Agency offers, such as RV insurance, dwelling fire insurance, earthquake insurance, wedding insurance, off-road vehicle insurance, and vacant dwelling insurance.

K.L. Smith Agency also takes the time to educate potential and existing clients about having the right type of insurance coverage to best suit their individual needs. In their “Products/Learning Center” section on the K.L. Smith Agency website, consumers have access to a host of information, including an explanation of the factors that affect insurance rates, what considerations to make when you're choosing a policy, and the type of coverage clients receive through different types of insurance.

When you’re ready for excellent personal service from a local, independent insurance agency, call K.L. Smith Agency for a free, no-obligation insurance quote at (860) 423-9294. You can also visit their website to learn more about the variety of policies available.

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