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How to Handle Dental Anxiety December 1, 2018

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How to Handle Dental Anxiety, Anchorage, Alaska

Dental anxiety and phobias are common across the United States for people of all ages. Many patients get nervous about visiting the dentist and receiving treatment, which can lead them to neglect their teeth cleaning and end up with serious health conditions related to their smile. If you have dental anxiety, there are a number of ways you can combat it, including the following.

Tips for Handling Dental Fears

1. Talk to Your Dentist

Teeth CleaningYour dentist wants you to receive a teeth cleaning and other necessary dental care, and will usually work with you to make the process easier. Talk to them about your particular fears or what you dislike most about the process—they may have solutions for you, such as changing the way they explain a procedure or the position you sit in.

2. Utilize Distractions

Sometimes, a book, movie, or piece of music can take your mind off the procedure. Bring items to entertain and distract you, both in the waiting room and during your treatment. Some dentists may also have media options to keep you occupied.

3. Bring Company

A trusted family member or friend can provide emotional support while you receive treatment. They may be able to hold your hand, talk to you, drive you to and from appointments, or simply sit with you to help make the process easier.

4. Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation is offered by many dentists to help combat anxiety and discomfort. It can take the form of pills, injections, an IV drip, or inhalation anesthesia. Even if you only need a teeth cleaning, your dentist may still present this as an option if your phobia is severe. Speak to your provider beforehand about the options available at their practice.


Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning or an emergency dentist, Family First Dentistry is here to provide compassionate, low-stress treatment for residents of Anchorage, AK, and the surrounding communities. They have oral and IV sedation for their same-day treatment options, so you can be comfortable and secure as you complete your dental procedures. To schedule, call (907) 562-2820 or contact them online.

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