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5 Ways to Winterize Your Home This Season November 9, 2018

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5 Ways to Winterize Your Home This Season, High Point, North Carolina

With the winter season near, it's time to consider how you'll prepare your home for the colder weather. From sprinkles of snow and colder temperatures to ice and strong winds, your home is at risk for damage. While homeowners insurance policies will protect you from the unexpected, there are some precautions every homeowner should take.

Homeowners Insurance Company Shares Tips for Winterizing Your Home 

1. Check Your Roof

High winds, ice, and even smaller snowfalls can put a lot of weight on your roof and cause leaks. Before the temperatures drop, replace any shingles that are cracked, missing, or damaged. In addition, clear your gutters of any debris to ensure water flows through them safely when ice or snow begin to melt.

2. Insulate Pipes

A burst pipe can be a disaster in the winter. Wrap insulation around any exposed pipes to protect them from the harsh temperatures outside. If you have exterior faucets, such as an outdoor sprinkler system, cut off their water supply.

3. Inspect for Cracks or Leaks

Check for cracks or leaks around windows and doors, being mindful of the corners. If you notice any paint that is pealing or discolored, it could be a sign that water is getting in. If you find any damage, recaulk the areas or call in a professional to repair the issue so you’re not left with water damage in the middle of winter. 

4. Check Nearby Trees

Ice can be heavy on tree limbs, causing them to bend and potentially fall on your home. Trim any long limbs that are too close to your house and make sure all trees surrounding your space are healthy — as trees start to deteriorate, they're more likely to fall in colder conditions. 

5. Test Your Heating Systemhomeowners insurance

Before the cold weather sets in, test your furnace to make sure it’s working correctly. Experts recommend having your furnace serviced once per year, so even if everything seems up to par, hire a professional to do a full inspection and cleaning of your heating system.


Winter conditions can be tough on your home, so it’s crucial to make sure your homeowners insurance has you covered. If you're looking to update your policy or secure a new one, visit the trusted team at Zimmerman Insurance Agency in High Point, NC. Since 1963, their insurance agents have been dedicated to helping the community with comprehensive insurance coverage, whether that's personal insurance, homeowners insurance, or protection for your business. To learn more about the services their team provides, visit them online or call (336) 883-6512 to speak with an agent today. 

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