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To design a customized insurance policy that protects your assets but doesn't cost a fortune, an independent agency is your best bet. A professional insurance broker, Zimmerman Insurance Agency in High Point, NC, has the freedom to search auto, property, and business insurance options from numerous sources across the country to find you the most appropriate and affordable policy.

Founded in 1963, Zimmerman Insurance Agency has remained a family-owned, locally operated business dedicated to giving customers throughout the Piedmont Triad comprehensive and affordable coverage with nationally recognized insurance companies. Their agents can assess your risk exposure and design a perfect policy solution. They will take the time to help you figure out exactly what you want and understand what you are getting — and you will never pay more than you should.

The professional insurance broker understands that the period after a collision, theft, or instance of vandalism is stressful. They can make filling out and submitting an insurance claim easy and hassle-free. That way, you can be reimbursed for your losses as quickly as possible. Whether you need homeowner’s insurance, self-employed coverage, or a surety bond, Zimmerman Insurance Agency should be your first stop, if you want dependable insurance and an affordable rate.

Zimmerman Insurance Agency, the premier professional insurance broker in High Point, NC, can help you navigate the confusing waters of the industry so you can protect what you value most without breaking your budget. Visit their website to learn more about their services, "Like" their Facebook page for regular updates, or call (336) 883-6512 to speak to a friendly professional about your insurance needs.

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