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A Guide to Selecting the Right Corporate Flowers November 1, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
A Guide to Selecting the Right Corporate Flowers, Manhattan, New York

Giving flowers is a thoughtful gesture and kind way to show that you care. In professional settings, they’re often sent to honor a special achievement or occasion. Some floral arrangements are especially appropriate to give. Before you invest in corporate flower services, give some thought to these options that are appropriate for the setting and moment.

Selecting Appropriate Corporate Flowers

1. Avoid Powerful Scents

flowersHeavily scented flowers — like gardenias and red roses — can be overpowering to some people. You don’t want to risk presenting someone with a bouquet only to discover that they’re allergic or don’t like the scent. Many flowers are practically unscented or produce a barely-discernible fragrance. Poppies, anemones, and amaryllis are all pleasant choices you will find at the florist.

2. Select Simple Flowers

Remember that some types of flowers — like pink or red roses — are more suitable for romantic occasions. Play it safe with an arrangement that can’t be misconstrued for its meaning and intent. Corporate flower services offer many varieties of seasonal flowers in bright colors. These are ideal for brightening up a desk or adding a little personality to the office. Summer sunflowers, for example, are a cheerful choice — as are springtime lilies. Chrysanthemums and asters are acceptable flowers often found in fall and winter arrangements.

3. Think of Meanings

There are many reasons you may need a corporate flower service. You might want to express your gratitude with thank you flowers and present your recipient with peach or yellow lilies. These symbolize appreciation and joy and are suitable for most professional environments. If you’re surprising your boss with flowers, you can make their day with a bright seasonal bouquet.


If you’re seeking a corporate flower service that has suitable arrangements for any occasion, you can trust Madison Avenue Florist Ltd. The family-owned florist is the leading source for attractive flowers in New York, NY. Whether you wish to express gratitude, celebrate a milestone, or brighten their day, you’ll find the perfect choice here. Visit the website to browse their selection, or call (212) 319-0242 to speak with a friendly member of the team.

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