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Ettiquette Dos & Don'ts for Corporate Flower Deliveries March 13, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
Ettiquette Dos & Don'ts for Corporate Flower Deliveries, Manhattan, New York

Sending flowers to business associates, colleagues, and bosses is a kind gesture, and it’s especially common in urban areas like New York City where corporate flower services are the norm. When your colleague experiences a milestone event or makes a major accomplishment, giving flowers shows you care — after all, there’s more to life than work. However, there is an etiquette to corporate flower giving. For your reference, here are some do’s and don’ts related to the practice.


Send Flowers for Special Occasions

If a colleague has cause for celebration — such as a recent marriage or birthday — sending flowers is thoughtful. Retirement, or a genial farewell from the company, may also be an appropriate occasion for corporate flower services. It’s common for co-workers to chip in for a shared gift if a boss or supervisor is the one celebrating. Bells of Ireland, which symbolize good luck, may be appropriate in the bouquet.

Know When to Send Sympathy Flowers

If you’ve worked with someone for a long time, and they’re dealing with a recent death, give flowers if you can’t attend the funeral. A co-worker recovering from a serious illness may also appreciate get well flowers from the office. Some common sympathy flowers include daisies and lilies.


Send Strongly Scented Flowers

corporate flower servicesThe only exception to this is if the recipient has a large private office, and you already know that they enjoy a particular scent. Otherwise, a strongly scented plant can be overwhelming in a confined space; plus, if you send it to a large office, it could trigger allergies in other co-workers.

Mislead the Flower Recipient

Do not send flowers with romantic connotations, and stick to species like daisies or sunflowers. If you’re still concerned your gesture may be misinterpreted as romantic, get other colleagues to go in on it with you. Group gifts are a great way to show someone you care without straining your work relationship.


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