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Traveling to Mexico? Why You Need Travel Auto Insurance November 19, 2018

Dumas, Moore
Traveling to Mexico? Why You Need Travel Auto Insurance, Dumas, Texas

Mexico is a favorite holiday destination for families throughout Texas, thanks to its festive culture and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, while it may not be that hard to drive across the border, your auto insurance might not come with you. Depending on your current carrier’s rules and licensing, you may need special Mexico insurance to protect you from accidents that occur while on vacation.

Why You Need Mexico Insurance for Your Holiday

Your American Auto Insurance May Not Cover You

Mexico insuranceYour normal auto insurance policy is good anywhere in the country, which is why you don’t need to purchase local coverage when you travel out-of-state. While some carriers extend this coverage to Canada and Mexico, most specifically exclude accidents that occur in other countries. If you’re driving your own vehicle to Mexico, a specially-tailored travel insurance policy will protect you from the financial consequences of an accident, including vehicle repairs and liability claims.

Mexico Law Requires May Require Local Insurance

Mexico's insurance laws also differ from place to place. In some areas that require local coverage, you could face serious legal troubles and even be arrested for driving without a valid policy.  Conversely, other parts of Mexico don’t require drivers to carry liability coverage at all, leaving you unable to recover damages if you’re hit by someone else. Because it protects you from legal trouble and the serious financial consequences of an accident, Mexico insurance is always a worthwhile investment.


If you’re planning a trip to Mexico this winter, talk to the experienced professionals at C.I.S. - Crop Insurance Solutions, LLC in Dumas, TX before you leave. Whether you’re going for a weekend or plan to stay all winter, they have insurance policies that can be tailored to your specific needs at prices you can afford. To talk to an agent and request your Mexico insurance quote, visit their website now or call (806) 935-6512.