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A Brief Guide to Mexico Insurance June 29, 2018

Dumas, Moore
A Brief Guide to Mexico Insurance, Dumas, Texas

Though you might have a comprehensive auto insurance policy in the United States, that coverage does not protect you in Mexico. If you plan on driving while traveling, you must purchase a Mexico insurance policy to avoid arrest and detainment. The team at C.I.S. - Crop Insurance Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of auto coverage in Dumas, TX, offers a brief guide to this type of policy below.

What Is Mexico Insurance?

The coverage protects your vehicle or rental car while traveling and is required to drive legally in Mexico. At minimum, liability protection is necessary to avoid breaking the country’s auto insurance laws. The plan pays for damages you cause to another person’s property and any injuries sustained to motorists and their passengers.

Why Do I Need It?

mexico insuranceIf a car accident occurs while in Mexico, the police may arrest and detain you, as well as impound your vehicle until they determine who is at fault for the incident. If found liable, the authorities may hold you until they confirm you can pay for at-fault damages. If you don’t have Mexico insurance, they may detain you for an extended period. Reduce the risk of financial burden and jail time by investing in the policy.

How Do I Purchase a Policy?

You can purchase Mexico insurance online through a trusted insurer. They’ll ask you about the type of car you use, its value, the desired coverage limits, and how long you will be in Mexico. In contrast to American insurance, you do not need to provide much information about your driving record.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, the team at C.I.S. - Crop Insurance Solutions, LLC, offers competitively priced Mexico insurance policies to safeguard your possessions. They have over 30 years of experience and have earned a stellar reputation for their quality customer service. Call today at (806) 935-6512 to discuss your product needs. Visit them online to learn more about the company and how else they can assist.