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How to Prepare Your Gravel Road for Winter October 31, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead County
How to Prepare Your Gravel Road for Winter, ,

A private gravel roadway can make it easy for your family, friends, and guests to access your property. Unfortunately, weather can be exceptionally harsh on roads, especially when snow cover makes it difficult to see the condition of the area. Here is a brief guide for how to prepare your gravel road before winter weather sets in. 

Proactively Repairing Gravel Roadways

Which Gravel Road Conditions Are Problematic? 

Issues like potholes, ruts, or uneven roadways can make your gravel drive more dangerous to traverse. In addition to increasing the risks of car and wheel damage, poor road conditions could make it easier for your vehicle to slide off the road in wintry conditions, putting you and your family at risk. Poorly maintained aggregate can also cause problems during spring and summer, since fine particulates can cause an increase in airborne dust, impacting visibility. 

How Can You Repair Your Road Before Winter?

gravelDuring the late summer or fall, focus on carefully assessing your roadways to look for problems. If you spot problems with divots, potholes, or land erosion, bolster the area by adding additional aggregates. If aggregates have been displaced, move them back into place with a rented bulldozer.

Land graders and scrapers can help you to even out the road, creating a more predictable, comfortable driving experience. To make snow removal easier during the winter, compact your gravel as much as possible, or consider paving the road with asphalt. 


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