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When planning a big construction project, you may find yourself requiring excavation or land grading equipment. Rather than renting expensive machinery and attempting to complete the job yourself, LaSalle Sand & Gravel in Kalispell, MT, invites you to contact their excavation team for easy and fast land clearing services. Their experienced technicians will prepare the area for work and provide landscaping supplies if needed.

LaSalle Sand & Gravel has provided the entire Flathead area with top-notch, large-scale clearing services for over 15 years. Their team can handle almost any residential, commercial or industrial project, from excavation for a backyard swimming pool to preparing a construction site for an industrial warehouse facility. With free estimates and competitive pricing, LaSalle Sand & Gravel isn’t just known for their stellar work and friendly service, but also their commitment to maintaining affordability for their customers.

LaSalle Sand & Gravel is also a well-respected purveyor of landscaping supplies, offering same-day delivery on some items for their customers’ convenience. With a fleet of vehicles capable of hauling any size load of sand or gravel, there's no order too large for their crew. Whether you need ornamental rock and stone for your walkway or you'd like to install a gravel driveway, contact LaSalle Sand & Gravel today to book an estimate for your unique project at a time that fits your schedule.

To find out more about excavation services or gravel delivery, contact LaSalle Sand & Gravel by calling (406) 756-9070 today. Visit them online to view a complete list of their products and services.

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