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3 Tips For Preparing Your Junk Car For the Salvage Yard November 20, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Tips For Preparing Your Junk Car For the Salvage Yard, Anchorage, Alaska

Rather than let a junk car sit in their yard or driveway, many individuals take their vehicle to a salvage yard where they can receive money for its scrap value. However, there are still several steps involved before transferring ownership. Here's how you should prepare.

What to Do Before Getting Rid of Your Junk Car

1. Get Documents in Order

To sell a junk car, you need to provide proof of ownership before transferring it to the salvage yard. This typically includes that you turn over the vehicle title, as well as the license plates. Be sure to gather these documents in advance so you can legally perform the sale.

2. Working Parts: Take Them or Leave Them?

salvage yardMany junk vehicles still contain several working car parts. Depending on the salvage yard, you might be given extra money for these components. However, some facilities only pay based on the scrap weight of the vehicle, meaning you’ll earn more by removing these parts and selling them elsewhere. Make sure to clarify ahead of time what options are available.

3. Clean Up

Clear out any personal belongings that are in your vehicle before selling it. Make sure to check the glove compartment, trunk, and center console, being especially mindful of insurance cards and other documents that contain identifying information. Remove any custom items, like car seat covers, which you may like to reuse. If there’s still gas in the tank, you may wish to transfer it to a canister to provide you with an emergency stash.


With proper preparation, you can ensure a smooth sale to your salvage yard and get the best value for your vehicle. Northwest Auto Parts has served Anchorage County, AK, since 1981, with easy-to-use systems for buying and selling used car parts. Visit them online to submit your vehicle information for a salvage bid or call (800) 770-6531 to learn more about how their team can help you.

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