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4 Most Valuable Used Car Parts October 17, 2018

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4 Most Valuable Used Car Parts, Anchorage, Alaska

Knowing how much you can trade your old vehicle for often starts with identifying auto parts that can be exchanged for cash. Many used car parts remain functional and can still fetch a good price in the secondary market—even if the vehicle is obsolete or has failed. Since many car owners are on the lookout for affordable replacement auto parts, here’s a list of used ones that hold their value.

4 Used Car Parts You Can Sell

1. Electronics

From radios to your GPS, electronic devices remain sought-after used car parts. Vehicle owners sometimes prefer to purchase pre-owned, top-of-the-line electronics systems from salvage yards since they can get a unit with modern design features for far less than the cost of buying it brand new.

2. Bumpers and Fenders

Because they’re often the first parts to get damaged in a car collision, bumpers and fenders are easy to sell if they’re in good condition. Modern car bumpers and fenders are made of plastic and fiberglass materials which maintain their structural integrity over time so they can be easily fixed up for placement on a different car.

used car parts3. Doors & Windows

Doors and windows, including the electrical components like lock buttons and mirror controls, can be sold for a decent profit. The demand for them is high since they are also damaged often during accidents.

4. Power Train

After a collision the Engine, Transmission and Transfer Case are often still in running condition.  These components are valuable due to their vehicle importants and via sheer metal weight.  Contact a certified recycler and they may purchase your whole vehicle for the power train components.


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