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How to Choose Commercial Garage Doors November 1, 2018

Parkway - Wheelers Farm Road, Milford
How to Choose Commercial Garage Doors, Milford, Connecticut

Whether you’re shipping out products or protecting a fleet of company cars, you need commercial garage doors for ease of access and building security. But, before your garage door installation, you need to choose the models that are right for your business. There are several different options to consider, including the following.

Commercial Garage Door Features


Commercial Garage DoorsIf you are considering small commercial garage doors, you likely have the choice between an automatic door opener or a door that opens by hand. Consider how often the door will open and who will be working in this area to decide whether the price savings of a manual door is worth the time and effort needed to operate it. For larger doors, however, you’ll definitely need an automatic opener.

Durability & Security

There is a wide range of materials available, from wood and vinyl to reinforced steel. Steel is the toughest and most durable material, resistant to both accidental damage and intentional intrusion. Other options like wood or aluminum are usually chosen because they are lightweight and may not afford as much protection for your building. However, they may still be sufficient for your business’s needs.


Your commercial garage door’s material also affects its R-value — its resistance to transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors. This may be a less significant consideration if the door opens on an unheated warehouse, but if you’re trying to maintain a stable interior temperature, you need a well-insulated door to minimize your heating and cooling costs and keep the warmth or cold inside.


If you need help choosing the right commercial garage doors, contact the Automatic Door Company in Milford, CT. In addition to a full range of doors for installation in New Haven County, they also offer repairs of garage doors and motors for both residential and commercial clients. For questions or to get a free quote, call (203) 795-3577 or reach out online.

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