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How to Decorate Your New Retirement Apartment October 3, 2018

How to Decorate Your New Retirement Apartment, West Plains, Missouri

Moving into any new home or apartment can be a major transition, but going from a house to a retirement apartment can leave you or your loved one wondering how to downsize while keeping familiar comforts at hand. With the right decorating approach, the transition doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or disorienting. Craft a welcoming space for yourself or your loved one that aligns with both needs and lifestyle.

3 Decorating Tips for a Retirement Apartment

1. Leave Room for Entertaining

While one of the perks of a new apartment is personalizing a space in which you or your family member can savor peace and quiet, you may want to balance quiet time with the company of family and friends. Keep this social factor in mind when choosing and arranging furniture in the new place. Invest in a spacious sectional for the living room instead of a couple of armchairs, and consider leaving empty space for loved ones to mingle or children to play.

2. Stay Organized

retirement apartmentAs you or your loved one begins this new chapter, time will be spent having fun with friends, taking energizing walks, or relaxing in the retirement apartment, so avoid the need to constantly be organizing or maneuvering around clutter. Make a plan to stay organized before the move even happens. Invest in storage containers that are easy to access but which won’t take up additional space, and use desk organizers and bins to hold smaller objects. Keep things labeled with large lettering for easy access.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Above all, this new space should be personalized for enjoyment and for making memories. Take advantage of the blank slate by adding personal touches that bring you or your loved one joy. Long-loved artwork and collectibles will help keep the new space familiar, while photographs of loved ones and family will add to the continuity of life even with the move. 


If you or your loved one are ready to move into a retirement apartment and decorate it to match your vision, consider West Vue of West Plains, MO. By incorporating senior apartments, assisted living, and nursing home facilities at one location, they allow residents to age gracefully and receive the increasing care they need in Howell County. For more information about their compassionate team, visit their website, and call (417) 256-2152 to schedule a tour of their beautiful living spaces.

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