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As your loved ones age, you long to give them the care they deserve. A hectic job and busy family life can prevent you from achieving this goal, but there are elder care options to put your mind at ease. West Vue, Inc., a retirement community in West Plains, MO, promotes respect for the elderly and offers a loving, caring environment for residents. This Christian retirement home will consider your loved one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs while providing quality care you can trust.

West Vue, Inc. recognizes that no two people have the same individual needs — that’s why this retirement community boasts a variety of facilities. Pleasant Valley Village is a great option for active seniors with a penchant for exploration and travel. This facility boasts a safe area to take a pleasant stroll and socialize in the great outdoors.

Pleasant Valley Manor combines housing with personal support and 24-hour oversight to ensure the safety of seniors unable to live on their own. No matter the physical or mental health of your loved one, West Vue Nursing & Rehabilitation Center offers versatile options to ensure every resident is happy, healthy, and secure. 

For over 40 years, West Vue, Inc. has offered retirement services to senior citizens of all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and physical conditions. This not-for-profit retirement community has a professional staff trained to provide everything from basic assistance to specialized care. Their campus encompasses 100 acres and boasts access to many services, from doctors’ offices and medical centers to pharmacies and shopping centers.

West Vue, Inc. is a retirement community that will cater to the needs of your elderly family members. To schedule a tour of their facilities, call (417) 256-2152. Visit their website for more information about their lifestyle solutions for seniors.

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