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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Meowing So Much October 10, 2018

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
5 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Meowing So Much, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Cats meow for one reason only: to communicate with humans. They never meow at each other, and some make the familiar sound a little too much. If your cat is meowing excessively, the remedy will require a visit to the local veterinary hospital if efforts at home do not prove effective. Here are some reasons why your cat may be vocalizing frequently.

Top 5 Reasons for Constant Meowing

1. Loneliness & Stress

The meows of a lonely or stressed cat may be drawn-out cries the entire house can hear. If your feline is left alone too much, does not like living with other pets, or has any other reason to feel stressed, they may start meowing constantly. Spend more time with your pet, separate them from other household animals, and provide stimulation with assorted toys to help them feel better. 

2. Hunger

Cats meow when they’re hungry, which may be accompanied by rubbing against your legs. Pay attention to food bowl levels and ensure you are feeding your feline enough wet and dry food for their age and size to avoid this issue.

3. Age-Related Confusion

veterinary hospitalOlder cats deal with age-related confusion just like humans. This confusion sometimes translates into meowing because they temporarily do not know where they are or are calling to their owners.

4. Health Issue

Meowing can indicate kidney disease or a thyroid imbalance, both of which are common in older felines. It can also mean the animal is generally feeling unwell. If feeding the cat and giving them attention does not work, take them to visit the local veterinary hospital.

5. Greeting

Like people, cats have personalities. Some cats like to routinely greet their humans with meows. Additionally, some breeds, such as Maine Coon and Siamese cats, are more vocal than others.


Bring your cat to Wahiawa Pet Hospital if you suspect the meowing is because of a bigger health issue. The premier veterinary hospital proudly provides pet owners throughout Oahu, HI, with personalized, comprehensive services that helps cats and dogs enjoy long, healthy lives. Active military members receive discounts! Call (808) 621-7000 to schedule an appointment today, or visit the veterinary hospital online for a list of services. You can also follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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