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3 Questions to Ask the Tailor When Getting Fitted October 19, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Questions to Ask the Tailor When Getting Fitted, Manhattan, New York

While you may have never had an occasion to buy a bespoke suit before, it may be necessary eventually to add a custom ensemble to your wardrobe. Since these cost quite a bit more than off-the-rack options, it’s important that you’re happy with it. To achieve the best results, make sure you communicate effectively with the tailor while getting fitted. Here are a few questions to ask to get the most out of your time and money.

What to Ask the Tailor at a Fitting Service 

1. How Do I Know What a Good Fit Is? 

If you aren’t sure exactly what you can expect a good fit to look like, ask for clarification. This will help you recognize when a suit is cut properly for your body and understand the tailor’s explanations on which areas need to be altered. It’s also essential to know whether your tailor considers a good fit to be slimmer, as Italian tailors do, or looser, like their British counterparts. 

2. Can You Suggest Accessories? 

tailorIt can be challenging to know which accessories will best complement the suit and put the right finishing touch on your look. Tailors have an eye for envisioning a client’s entire appearance, complete with shirt, tie, socks, and shoes. Ask them for suggestions on how to create a flawless presentation. 

3. What Happens if My Weight Changes? 

A custom-made suit is a timeless piece that should be part of your wardrobe for years. Thus, you want to make sure it’s going to fit, even as your weight fluctuates up and down. Find out how much extra room you will have and what the process would be to get additional alterations in the future if necessary. 


Whether you’re starting a new profession, getting married, or attending a formal event, you want to look your best. Having your alterations done at 6 Avenue Tailor will ensure you end up with a suit that fits your body perfectly. This Midtown tailor has been serving residents throughout Manhattan for more than three decades. Call (212) 593-1925 to schedule a fitting and learn more about their rush and same-day service. Visit them online for pricing information. 

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