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5 Essential Pet Boarding Preparation Tips November 8, 2018

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5 Essential Pet Boarding Preparation Tips, Columbia, Missouri

Pet boarding is a convenient solution for travelers who cannot take their animals with them on trips. To ensure your dog or cat is ready for your brief absence, there are a few steps you can take before you travel. In doing so, you can ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable time for both you and your pet.

Your Guide to Preparing Your Animal for Pet Boarding

1. Check Their Vaccinations

pet boardingTo prevent spreading diseases, boarding facilities require vaccinations for dogs and cats. Dogs will need proof of rabies, distemper, Canine parvovirus, and Bordetella shots, while cats need rabies and FVRCP vaccines annually. Because some vaccines take time to reach full immunity, schedule your pet for any shots they may need at least 10 days before boarding.

2. Master Crate Training

Crate training your pet is a great way to prevent separation anxiety. It teaches them the value of alone time and allows them to view their crate as a happy, safe place. Start by crating your pet in intervals while you’re at home, then begin to crate them before you leave the house. 

3. Socialize Your Pet

Boarding facilities carefully supervise animals to ensure their safety. It’s a good idea to get your furry friend accustomed to being around other dogs or cats. This will help them become confident enough to socialize with other animals.

4. Protect Against Fleas & Ticks

Your dog or cat will likely be able to enjoy time outdoors while you’re away. Protect them against fleas and ticks by administering a preventative solution before you leave. You can talk to your vet about topical ointments, tablets, and collars to determine which solution is best for your pet.

5. Pack Their Food

Abruptly changing an animal’s diet could cause gastrointestinal distress, especially when they’re in a new environment. To keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible, most boarding facilities request owners to pack their own food from home. Make sure to include a few of their favorite treats. 



If you’re planning a trip and seeking a reputable pet boarding facility to keep your animal safe while you’re away, look no further than Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital in Boone County, MO. In addition to offering comprehensive pet care services, this clinic provides a comfortable and secure environment where pets receive ongoing care in their owner’s absence. Learn more about their overnight, daycare, and extended stay boarding on their website, or call (573) 449-7387 to speak with a staff member.

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