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4 Tips for Trimming Around Your Fence October 16, 2018

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4 Tips for Trimming Around Your Fence, Hamptonburgh, New York

Having an enclosed backyard is convenient for a lot of reasons, but fences will make your yard work a little more difficult. You might not want to use a weed-eater to trim the grass bordering the fence, as this machinery can quickly damage wood, vinyl, and wrought iron. If you’re looking for alternative solutions, here’s how you can easily protect your property while you keep your yard beautiful.

4 Ways to Protect Your Fences While Doing Yard Work

1. Herbicide

Consider using a herbicide to kill the grasses and weeds that grow along your fencing. These are strong chemicals, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. Also, try not to mow the area before applying the herbicide. You want to hit the leaf surfaces with the product.

2. Brick or Stone

If the thought of using harsh chemicals turns you off, there are other options. You can lay brick or stone along your fence to block weeds and create a nice border for your lawn. You can then soften those hard lines with potted plants or planters full of flowers.

3. Mulch

FencesIf you’re looking for a softer approach, use mulch. This requires a little extra work as you have to physically remove the grass from around your fence before you can apply the mulch, but it does look nice and tidy when you’re done.

4. Landscaping

Consider adding landscaping with a flower bed. You can go for a very simple ground cover or turn your backyard into a work of art with a variety of beautiful vegetation. This does require some planning and preparation, so consult your local landscaping nursery before starting the project.


If your fencing is looking beat up from years of close trimming, consider getting it replaced. At American Fence Company, you can find a wide variety of styles. These professionals can install and repair metal, vinyl, or wooden fences and gates. They have over 30 years of experience providing Hudson Valley, NY, residents with beautiful and practical fencing. Reach them today by calling (845) 427-5894 or visit their website to learn more about their services and materials.

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