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How Hardwood Flooring Increases Home Value September 19, 2018

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How Hardwood Flooring Increases Home Value, Pittsford, New York

There’s no denying the elegance and finesse hardwood flooring adds to any home it is a part of. But, apart from its aesthetic value, this floor type also proves to be an excellent investment. In fact, switching to wood floors can bump your home value up to 5%. A look at the following features will further explain how these floors increase your property’s worth.

Hardwood Flooring & Home Value

1. Longevity

Installing hardwood floors is an investment that can last homeowners a lifetime. By comparison, even the most premium-quality carpets must be replaced every five to 10 years, while laminate floors warrant replacement in no more than 20 years. Wood floors were a common feature of homes built during the Victorian era, and many of them still retain their original form and elegance. Their ability to resist surface and structural damage is why these floors are in high-demand among buyers.

2. Uniqueness

Hardwood FlooringMuch like human fingerprints, wood planks also have unique markings that set them apart from their other counterparts. The one-of-a-kind pattern and texture lend your interiors a distinct finish and ambiance. Wood’s natural color and grain make it stand apart from engineered products that are designed to mimic the hardwood look. Adding quality wood floors to your home doesn't just speak to their authenticity; it also redefines your interior decor and makes it appealing to potential investors.

3. Return on Investment

Estimates from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry — NARI — offer further evidence of the value hardwood flooring adds to your property. Adding new wood floors considerably increases your chances of a profitable deal in addition to recovering 91% of the remodeling costs. In fact, simply investing in hardwood floor refinishing for existing planks can help you recoup the initial cost 100% on top of raising your home’s value.


These factors make it easy to see why hardwood flooring is so in-demand among property buyers. Switch to wood floors and improve your home’s market value by placing your trust in the products and services Rochester Hardwood Floor has to offer. For over 25 years, this flooring contractor has served clients throughout Monroe County, NY, and the surrounding areas. For further information about their top-quality inventory and hardwood floor refinishing solutions, call (585) 377-7800 or visit their website.

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