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How to Pair Coffee With Your Main Course September 14, 2018

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How to Pair Coffee With Your Main Course, Branson, Missouri

There is a long tradition of choosing beverages, such as specific wines, that will pair well with the food you plan to eat, each one complementing the flavors of the other. But did you know you can do the same with coffee? Just like wine, coffee has a complex flavor with many variations, and which brew you choose can have a profound effect on the taste of your meal.

Identify Coffee Flavors

CoffeeThere are a few major characteristics of each type of coffee you encounter. The roast profile—light, medium, or dark—changes the dominant flavors of the coffee, with lighter roasts being sweet and even tangy, and darker roasts being rich and more bitter. Acidity is another important feature, creating tastes which range from crisp (high acidity) to smooth (low acidity). Finally, the body of the coffee refers to its feeling of weight on your tongue and how long the flavors linger. Taste the coffee you’re considering and pay attention to these attributes to get a sense of the flavors in play.

Pair Similar Tastes

Once you have a sense of your coffee’s flavors, try to match it with foods which have similar tastes. For example, bright, fruity, and acidic Kenyan coffee pairs well with berries, while almost any dark roast will blend perfectly with the richness of dark chocolate. Meanwhile, the caramel and nut flavors of Columbian coffee are delicious with cinnamon buns. Finally, to go with a breakfast of classic American food like bacon and eggs, you should try a milder Costa Rican medium roast.


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