Branson, Missouri

Belgian Waffle & Pancake House

Belgian Waffle & Pancake House

3120 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616
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Whether you’re in the mood for eggs and bacon, a stack of blueberry pancakes, or a delicious Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream, Belgian Waffle & Pancake House has the bountiful breakfast dishes you’ve been craving. The Branson, MO, restaurant doesn’t stop there, though—they boast a full breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu that will satisfy every appetite.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite before work or a relaxing, leisurely brunch spent with loved ones, there’s no better spot in Branson, MO, than Belgian Waffle & Pancake House. At this town favorite, the rich, hot coffee is always flowing, the service is always friendly, and the food is always incredible. Once you try the family-owned restaurant’s famous Belgian waffles, you’ll never want to head anywhere else for breakfast. Plus, you won’t find these fluffy treats anywhere else—the restaurant’s chefs use an old family recipe from Belgium. With a strong commitment to quality artisanal food, Belgian Waffle & Pancake House always uses fresh, local produce and the finest ingredients around.

From pecan pancakes to country fried steak and eggs and Grandmother’s French toast, the restaurant’s chefs infuse the slow-cooked heartiness of home-cooked meals with top-quality culinary expertise. Whether you order The Belgian Club for lunch or the Harvest Supper Pot Roast for dinner, you’ll never be disappointed with the substance, flavors, and quality these chefs continue to serve up. The restaurant also offers a special discounted menu for seniors.

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Branson, visit Belgian Waffle & Pancake House today. To catch a glimpse of the delicious eats, visit the menu on the restaurant’s website. To schedule a reservation for your next special occasion, call (417) 334-8484 today.

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