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5 Questions to Ask Before Moving to a Retirement Apartment September 24, 2018

 5 Questions to Ask Before Moving to a Retirement Apartment, West Plains, Missouri

Making the decision to move to a retirement apartment can be daunting. There are many factors to consider during the transition, and it’s helpful to arm yourself with answers before you settle into a place that fosters independent living in the comfort of a more secure environment. Here are some questions to ask beforehand.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Moving to Independent Living

1. What Types of Creature Comforts Exist?

The beauty of a retirement apartment is that residents live in complete comfort without having to worry about maintaining their homes on their own. Examine the floor plan to make sure it aligns with your needs. A single-level home provides safety, while amenities like sunrooms and spacious living rooms offer places to relax in comfort. Make clear what you expect of your new residence, and consider what types of features will most make you feel at home.

2. Are There Activities Available for Residents?

retirement apartmentSpending time with others in the retirement community is a wonderful way to feel more comfortable. Many offer weekly or monthly gatherings and are ideal environments for chatting, relaxing, enjoying a cup of tea, or taking a walk and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Some have groups that are designed to promote special interests, and others host holiday events to encourage social activity.

3. Are Specialty Staff Members Available?

Residents may find that they occasionally need assistance, whether it’s a household repair or medical care. Retirement communities typically offer residents access to these and other valuable services, making it simple to handle daily concerns without worry.

4. What Is the Community Like?

In an ideal world, the community aligns with your core values and beliefs. Spending time in an environment that staffs kind people who recognize the unique challenges that come with aging is particularly important. Consider how many men and women reside at the facility, and whether it’s made up primarily of singles, couples, or a combination of both. These can be driving factors for many prospective residents.

5. How Do You Handle Natural Aging Events?

What happens when you need additional care? Some communities are designed to assist you through these life changes. You may start as an apartment resident before requiring more focused nursing and medical care in assisted living. Seek out facilities that nurture the senior lifestyle and are attentive to their ever-changing needs.


West Vue is a trusted senior care community in West Plains, MO. Offering high-quality retirement apartments, reliable medical and nursing care, and a positive environment, this Christian facility treats each resident with care and respect. At their core is a strong foundation in faith and spirituality with a goal to help all residents live as independently as possible. When it comes time to receive more focused care in assisted living or a nursing home, residents won't have to go far—everything is situated on the same campus. Visit their website to browse their residences, or call (417) 256-2152.

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