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How to Choose the Perfect Self-Storage Unit September 6, 2018

Upper Falls, Rochester
How to Choose the Perfect Self-Storage Unit, Rochester, New York

A self-storage unit provides a convenient place to store items you want to hold onto but do not have room for. They make moving easier because you don’t have to haul everything at once while providing space for sensitive documents, antiques, retail store inventory, and assorted collections. Whatever your reason for looking into self-storage rentals, there are some things to consider first.

How to Make Selecting the Right Self-Storage Unit Easy

Put Everything In Plastic Bins

Sort your belongings so you are not storing things unnecessarily. Place packable items in plastic bins with lids of varying sizes for easy stacking and to protect your belongings from insects and rodents. Cardboard boxes make it easy for unwanted guests to use your items as their nesting areas. If you plan to store furniture or other cumbersome items — such as ski equipment and faux Christmas trees — add them to the area of your home where you are stacking storage bins.

Do Some Measuring

self-storage unitMeasure the square footage of your storage collection as well as the height. Try to stack everything as much as possible while keeping self-storage unit sizes in mind. Call storage rental companies in your area for specific dimensions if you need to so that you do not purchase a unit that is too big or small.

Don’t Forget About Temperature Sensitivity

Keep climate-controlled storage units in mind as you take inventory of your items. Do you have a lot of fine art? What about wooden furniture and home decor pieces? Books and other paper products? Electronics? Hot, humid conditions and frigid temperatures affect these and many other items negatively. Freezing and thawing cycles cause wooden pieces to expand and contract, resulting in warping; also, condensation spoils electronics and fine art. Since climate-controlled self-storage units are indoors, you will also enjoy fewer intrusions from rodents and insects.

Central Storage has provided residents throughout Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas with self-storage units of all sizes since 2003. Known for specializing in safe, secure, affordable storage solutions, this facility also features deals such as one month free when you sign up for a six-month contract. Free hand and moving carts are also available for your convenience. Call (585) 735-7019 today to sign up or visit the website to learn more about facility’s services.

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