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The team at Central Storage is proud to have provided residential and commercial self-storage to the Rochester, NY community since 2003. Conveniently located one block from the Amtrak train and nearby the Park Avenue neighborhoods and area universities, the staff at this affordable storage rental facility are known for their friendly demeanor and accommodating services.

Besides their favorable location, Central Storage offers many other reasons to choose the company for self-storage rental. A clean, safe, secure facility, Central Storage is the least expensive storage rental service in the city, and offers on-site assistance to make your move easier. Free hand and moving carts are also available to assist you, and managers are always on premise during business hours.

In addition to outstanding customer service and concern for the safety of client property, the self-storage business features a variety of unit sizes to accommodate needs. Sizes range from 10 x 10 to 10 x 30; Central Storage includes a tips section on their website to let you know which size fits what items. The secure storage facility features over 300 units in various sizes.

Receive one month free with nine months of storage, a value of up to $125. To learn more about self-storage units available at Central Storage, please call (585) 735-7019 or visit the website today. 

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