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What to Expect When You Move Into an Assisted Living Facility September 3, 2018

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What to Expect When You Move Into an Assisted Living Facility, Biron, Wisconsin

Moving from your own home to an assisted living facility can be daunting. The prospect of such an enormous change can be difficult for some, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. Having a better idea of what is involved on that first day will help you feel more comfortable as you make the transition. Here are some aspects that you can expect.

Prepare for the Transition From Home to Assisted Living

1. Arrange the Room

The goal of any assisted living facility is to ensure your comfort. The living space is your very own to decorate as you choose! Bring along the creature comforts of home that mean something special to you, from small trinkets and treasured family heirlooms to cozy blankets. On the first day, you’ll want to create a familiar, welcoming environment right away. It will help you feel more comfortable and make it simpler to grow accustomed to the new surroundings.

2. Spend Time With Family

Wisconsin Rapids, WI assisted living facilityAlthough you’ve probably toured the assisted living facility already, now is the chance to get to know it on a closer level. As a new home, it will play an important role in how you go about the day. Walk around the premises with your family, so that they can also experience it with you and get a feel for the new living situation.

You’ll also become familiarized with the property and the areas where you’ll spend the most time, whether it’s the dining room, the lounge, or the library. Enjoy the first meal on the premises with the family—you’ll feel so much more relaxed knowing they’re involved, and they’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re happy and in a safe place.

3. Explore On-Site Activities

Assisted living offers more than just a place to sleep—the facility is designed with a happy, healthy lifestyle in mind. Sometimes, simply learning a little more about what you might like to do can help you conquer those first-day jitters. Say hello to a resident or two or have a seat in the lounge and take in the surroundings. Most senior living facilities have calendars that offer extensive social activities every day of the week. Don’t be shy about participating or about asking a friendly staff member any questions you have.


At Wellington Place at Biron in Wisconsin Rapids, your comfort, safety, and happiness are paramount. The staff at this assisted living facility understands that transitioning from home to a new environment can be challenging, which is why they go the extra mile to make sure your move is as seamless and peaceful as possible. You’ll enjoy a well-designed suite that includes a living room and a kitchenette, and you’ll have access to stunning outdoor scenery. At the same time, residents have access to any necessary senior health care services they need. Visit the website to learn more or call them at (715) 423-5600.

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