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What to Bring & Leave Behind When Entering Assisted Living June 6, 2018

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What to Bring & Leave Behind When Entering Assisted Living, Biron, Wisconsin

If you’re making the move to assisted living, you should plan to make yourself at home and bring everything it will take to make the living space comfortable. At the same time, there are a few items you’ll want to leave behind, both for convenience and to comply with the rules of the facility. To prepare and pack, here are a few tips on what should come to a nursing home—and what shouldn’t.


1. Personal Items

You’ll supply your own clothing, toiletries, electronics, books, entertainment, and everyday odds and ends. In particular, have plenty of washable clothing—not dry clean only.

2. Furniture & Decorations

This space is going to be yours to enjoy, so get ready to furnish it. A comfortable chair, a favorite coffee table, and window treatments in your favorite style will help turn the accommodations into a home.

3. Keepsakes

Assisted LivingPictures and mementos are an absolute must, as these too will help you feel at home in the elderly care facility. Photos and other items you can hang on the walls will decorate and personalize the space.


1. Pets

Unfortunately, many assisted living facilities don’t allow pets. If you have cats, dogs, or other animals, make arrangements for them with friends or family unless the facility has specifically told you they allow pets. You can always visit with them when you see family members and friends.

2. Extra Furniture

In some cases, the facility may supply a bed and other basic items of furniture; and in many cases, the allotted space will be smaller than the previous home. You’ll need to pare down the collection of furniture to the items most necessary for your comfort. Otherwise, the living space will quickly get clogged with unnecessary and unused furniture.


For more details on what you should and should not bring to Wellington Place at Biron in Wisconsin Rapids, contact their helpful and friendly staff today. They are eager to help with the transition to assisted living, so you can receive the care and assistance you need to make life more healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling. Call them at (715) 423-5600 or send a message online for more information on their medical and memory care.

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