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Learning About Hydro Excavation & Its Benefits August 30, 2018

Rhinelander, Oneida
Learning About Hydro Excavation & Its Benefits, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

In recent years, hydro excavation has emerged as an efficient way to penetrate construction sites without damaging underground utility applications. If you want to learn more about this excavating technique, the team at Musson Brothers can help. Having served local residents for nearly 75 years, the Rhinelander, WI-based company shares some useful information about this excavation technique.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation relies on a high-pressure water stream to break down dirt and reach deep into the soil. The excess soil is transported into a debris tank with help from an industrial-grade vacuum application. This results in precise excavating of the site, minimizing property damage and risk to subterranean pipelines.

How Excavation Contractors Employ It

ExcavatingAs its use becomes more widespread, contractors employ hydro excavation for a variety of purposes. In addition to potholing, the technique is also used for installing poles, lines, and signs. Its accurate results are why contractors increasingly rely on it for laying down and restoring underground piping and sewer lines.

Landscapers also find it easier to work this technique for more precise results. The high-speed flow of water allows them to reach deep into the ground without disturbing the surrounding vegetation.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavating Techniques

To begin with, hydro excavation doesn't involve digging up the land with metal equipment, ensuring safety for underground pipes and utility connections. Because it relies on a warm water stream to penetrate into the soil, this excavation method is ideal for projects scheduled during winter months.

The precise application of water slurry and vacuuming techniques only touches targeted spots, without disturbing the soil around it. This helps in cleaner and more efficient soil penetration, sparing contractors the extra expense of clearing up mounds of loose dirt. By sparing the need for extra labor, it helps contractors save on the effort, workforce, and costs involved in traditional digging.

Consulting the experts at Musson Brothers will give you further insights if this excavating option is right for your project’s requirements. If not, they will be happy to furnish you with other lot clearing solutions for your property. For further information about the excavation services they have to offer, call (715) 365-8700 or visit their website.

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