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4 Window Tinting Aftercare Tips August 17, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Window Tinting Aftercare Tips , Lincoln, Nebraska

Window tinting has several benefits, from protecting the interior of your car or building from the sun’s UV rays to enhancing privacy. If you’re getting window tinting for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need to know to get the best results. Pro-Tint in Lincoln, NE, is here to explain four essential aftercare tips. 

4 Steps to Take After Window Tinting 

1. Don’t Wash Windows for 30 Days

Don’t wash the windows for 30 days after the tint installation. Getting them wet sooner may weaken the tint or cause it to fall off. Fortunately, tint doesn’t require strong chemicals for cleaning. All you need is a cloth to wipe away most dirt and dust. 

2. Use Soft, Non-Abrasive Materials

Use a soft material to wipe or clean the tinted windows, just as you would windowtintingwhen washing your car. Using abrasive materials can wear down or scratch the tint. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid newspapers, as these can scratch or leave a residue.

3. Avoid Ammonia-Based Products

Ammonia is a harsh chemical that can weaken the filter and degrade it over time. Many cleaners, including window cleaners, waxes, and multipurpose cleaners, contain ammonia, so check the labels to avoid using these. Instead, use a vinegar-based product which will not harm the filter. 

4. Don’t Use Excess Product

Remember the primary goal is to remove dirt. You don’t need too much product to get the surface clean. In fact, using too much may have the opposite of the intended effect, resulting in streaking or buildup. Use just enough to get the dirt off. 

If you’re a Lancaster County resident interested in window tinting for your car or residential or commercial building, turn to the experts at Pro-Tint. The community’s premiere tint shop, they provide high-quality legal tints for a variety of clients, from individuals to large businesses. Call (402) 474-1234 to speak with a friendly staff member or visit their website to learn more about window tinting. 

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