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Window tinting not only makes your ride look cooler, but it also makes it feel cooler. During those sweltering summer months, sun rays piercing through your windshield can heat up a car quickly, so having the right tint installed is a life saver. The professionals at Pro-Tint in Lincoln, NE, provide a variety of tinting services, not just for cars, but also for residential and commercial windows.

Choosing a tint option for your car is an exciting experience as you imagine cruising down the boulevard with privacy and comfort. The professionals at Pro-Tint will help you choose effective and legal tint grades that improve the look of your car while keeping you cool. Not only is tint excellent for regulating the temperature of your car, it protects the investment you made when you bought your car by keeping the upholstery and carpeting from fading due to sun damage.

The same way that tint works for your vehicle, it works for residential and commercial windows. By keeping sun rays at bay, you’re minimizing air conditioning use and lowering your energy bills, making it an investment toward energy efficiency. Along with helping you with energy costs, their products also help you protect your televisions and computer screens from prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can ruin LCD screens. From privacy and safety to improved aesthetics and energy efficiency, tinted windows will help improve your home or business.

Protect your investments today and contact the professionals at Pro-Tint for the best window tinting services available. Call them today at (402) 474-1234, or visit their website for more information.

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