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4 Micro-Brew Beer Terms to Know August 16, 2018

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4 Micro-Brew Beer Terms to Know, Norwich, Connecticut

While the beer-making process is simple, several factors give each brew a unique flavor. An extensive beer vocabulary has developed because of its rich history and growing culture. Whether you’re starting to enjoy micro-brews or want to learn more about craft beer, you’ll need to know some of this terminology. Universal Discount Package Store, of Norwich, CT, has a huge inventory of beer and, here, they share some terminology that can help you make your next beer selection.

4 Micro-Brew Beer Terms Every Beer Drinker Should Know

1. Wort

Whether you’ve toured a micro-brewery or enjoyed a pint at your pub, you might have heard the term ‘wort.’ Every beer starts off as a wort, which is simply a concoction of barley steeped in hot water before the yeast is added. It’s an essential stage of the beer-brewing process, and much of the flavor is developed at this stage.

2. Hops

Mico-Brew‘Hoppy' beers are described as such because of the flavor they get from hop plant flowers. Noble, bitter, and aroma hops are just a few of the varieties of hops, and each one gives the beer a unique taste. These can be added before or after the fermenting process for different results.

3. Specific Gravity

The density of a beer is known as its specific gravity and indicates how much sugar is dissolved in it. The sugar turns to alcohol, so a high-gravity beer will have a higher alcohol level than low-gravity beer.

4. Session Beer

Low-gravity beer is also known as session beer since its lower alcohol content allows for longer drinking sessions. These are flavorful brews that can keep you enjoying pint after pint without a buzz.

Now that you know the basic beer terminology, you can pick out the micro-brew that best suits your taste. Head to Universal Discount Package Store for excellent deals on various brews, wine, and spirits. You can even order ahead through this liquor store for your next big event. Call them today at (860) 889-6555 or visit their website to learn more.

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