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We carry the largest and most diverse selection of wine, beer and liquor in the area.

Universal Discount Package Store

680 W Main St.
Norwich, CT 06360-6045
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Whether you’re hosting a casual backyard wedding and need a few beer kegs or you’re planning a sophisticated wine tasting of local blends, you’ll find everything you need at Universal Discount Package Store.  Located in Norwich, CT, they have 8,000 square feet of wine, beer, and liquor for you to choose from, and their friendly staff is always happy to make recommendations.  

As the leading liquor store in Southeast Connecticut, they boast the largest wine selection in the area, offering everything from affordable bottles to exclusive vintages. Additionally, since the owner, Paul Agranovitch, is a member of a multi-state buying group, you will find wines you can’t get anywhere else.

If you prefer beer over wine and you’re looking for a beer store carrying microbrews, imported varieties, and domestic favorites under one roof, look no further than Universal Discount Package Store. Their beer selection will impress even the most knowledgeable beer aficionado. Just because you want to serve the best beer doesn’t mean you want to spend a fortune on it. If you’re hosting a party, you can stay within budget by choosing from the vast selection of beer, which is always competitively priced.

Whether you want to stock your fridge with a few favorite microbrews or you’re hosting a wedding and need dozens of bottles of wine, head to Universal Discount Package Store in Norwich, CT, for the best variety, service, and prices around. Visit the website to learn more about the beer, wine, and liquor selections, and call (860) 889-6555 if you have questions about buying in bulk.

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