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Are You Eligible for Nike® Shoe Replacement or Refunds? August 9, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
Are You Eligible for Nike® Shoe Replacement or Refunds?, Brighton, New York

Although Nike® footwear is durable, some factors are beyond your control that could lead to premature wear. If you notice workmanship or material flaws with the brand’s shoes, you might be able to get them replaced under the two-year manufacturing warranty. Here is a brief guide to how you can determine whether you are eligible.

How to Tell if You Can Get Old Nike Shoes Replaced or Refunded

Check the Manufacturer Label

shoesWhen you look inside each shoe, you will see a label sewn into the seam. The tags should include two dates. The left-side date indicates when the retailer purchased the footwear from Nike; the number on the right state is when the shoes were manufactured. If fewer than two years have passed since the manufacturing date, you might be eligible for the warranty.

Look for the Receipt

If the manufacturing date is still covered by Nike’s two-year warranty, track down the receipt for the purchase. You’ll need proof you bought the shoes from an authorized Nike dealer for the shipment to be processed when mailing in returns. Also, take a picture of the receipt on your smartphone. If you return the damaged shoes to the store, you can show the image to sales associates as proof of purchase.

Reach Out to the Retailer

To ensure the shoes can be returned for a refund or replacement, reach out to the store where you got the shoes to inquire about their return policy. You should also review Nike’s terms and conditions. Authorized Nike retailers handle shipping the merchandise back to the manufacturer. Shoes purchased at Nike retail locations can be returned to any of the brand’s storefronts. You’ll have to fill out a return form for purchases from Nike’s website. Damage to shoes due to normal wear will not be accepted, and refunds are only available through the original place of purchase.


If your shoes are not covered by the Nike two-year warranty, you can trust the shoe repair specialists at Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY, to fix any defects and make the sneakers look like new again. With over 72 years of experience, you can trust the team to provide shoe resoling and dyeing as well as heel, boot, and zipper repair to restore the comfort and quality of all your footwear. They’ll also share tips to keep the investments looking pristine. To schedule a service appointment at the Monroe County shoe repair shop, call (585) 244-5907. Visit the shoe care experts online for special offers.

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