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5 Benefits of Rigid Polymer Panels in an Inground Pool August 24, 2018

Troy, Lincoln
5 Benefits of Rigid Polymer Panels in an Inground Pool, Troy, Missouri

Inground pools are installed with wall panels to line the interior, supporting the overall pool structure. These panels can be made from a few different materials, but one of the best options on the market is polymer (plastic). If you’ve been thinking of getting a new pool installation this summer, here are five reasons to choose polymer over other common materials, such as metal.

5 Reasons Your Inground Pool Needs Polymer Panels

1. No Corrosion

Polymer panels won’t corrode underwater. Metal panels, on the other hand, would eventually start rusting, even if they’re galvanized. Because of their resilience, polymer panels can last two decades or more, while metal would likely require replacement or patching during that same period.

2. Easy Installation

Because of their lighter weight, polymer panels are easier to install, which can shorten the length of your pool construction overall and reduce complications. Conversely, metal panels (especially steel) tend to be extremely heavy, requiring additional labor and making assembly harder.

3. Compatible With Saltwater Pools

inground poolIf you’ve been thinking about having a saltwater pool built in lieu of a more traditional system, opt for polymer panels. Saltwater tends to accelerate metal corrosion, making metal a poor investment.

4. Excellent Strength & Durability

Because of modern advancements in thermal plastic molding, polymer panels can be as strong and rigid as their steel counterparts, but without the additional weight and corrosiveness. With normal inground pool use, you can count on them to remain resistant to warping and high impacts.

5. Less Digging

Inground pool installations featuring polymer panels do not require as much digging. With metal panels, your pool contractors would need to dig a larger hole to accommodate a pool of the same size.


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