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Turning your backyard into a tropical oasis is easy and affordable when you enlist professional help from  The Pool Guys. Located in Troy, MO, they’ve been transforming pools all across the area for the past 30 years, and their team of experts is here to help you plan for a pool that will be enjoyed by your entire family. From custom inground pools to budget-friendly above-ground pools, they have the perfect solution to keep you cool.

Pools come in several different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can even customize your filtration system and choose between salt water and chlorine. The extensive inventory that The Pool Guys offer gives you all of these options, but The Pool Guys also understand that choosing the right pool for your needs can be overwhelming. They use their knowledge and on-the-job experience to help you decide between a pool designed for active kids, enhanced relaxation, or low-maintenance.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect pool design, The Pool Guys will send an experienced team of experts to your property to install it. Proper pool installation is essential to maintaining its lifespan, and The Pool Guys will get the work done the right way while also minimizing all inconveniences to your family. They work hard to get you into your new pool as soon as possible.

Pools have the power to transform backyards into desirable staycation locations, and when you’re ready to take the plunge, The Pool Guys will be standing by to guide you through the process. Schedule an estimate with an experienced pool contractor by calling (636) 462-7665, or visit their  website to learn more about pool design and installation services in Troy.

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Shop our clearance table!!!  Everything on the clearance table is 75% off.  Sales like these won't last long!  Stop by the Pool Guys to take advantage of our deep more
Buy Early - Save More!Purchase a season's worth of swimming pool chemicals in March and receive 20% off your entire order!  Offer valid for In-Ground AND Above Ground Swimming more
The Pools Guys has the best pool contractors in Troy, MO. Specializing in pool design, construction, and service, this locally owned and operated company has been providing more
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