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3 Reasons to Have a Will Attorney Help With Estate Planning September 7, 2018

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3 Reasons to Have a Will Attorney Help With Estate Planning, Groton, Connecticut

Writing a will may seem fairly straightforward, especially with online resources that promise to make the process of distributing your assets fast and easy. However, minor issues and oversights can complicate your estate plan, leaving room for family members to challenge ambiguous language and inviting conflict. When you have a skilled will attorney help draft estate planning documents, you’ll avoid these mistakes and ensure your final wishes are respected.

Why You Should Hire a Will Attorney

1. Unbiased Advice

Unlike family members and business partners, a legal professional has no personal stake in the content of your will. Instead, they’ll sit down with you, discuss your intentions about how the estate should be divided, and offer unbiased advice aimed solely at achieving your objectives. Only after they fully understand your wishes will they prepare a document that clearly expresses everything in detail.

2. Avoiding Legal Challenges

will attorneyDifferent states have varying requirements on validating a will. In Connecticut, for example, the document must be signed by the individual whose assets are being divided, as well as two witnesses. In some jurisdictions, wills that aren’t notarized can be dismissed, and others require the individual to sign in front of the witnesses. A will attorney will ensure the document is legally valid, preventing family conflicts and legal challenges after your death.

3. Preventing Mistakes

A will is a complex legal document, which will be read closely by the probate court. Seemingly small mistakes or improperly drafted amendments can result in the entire document being dismissed. With their experience, a will attorney will check that all your estate planning documents are completely free of errors.


Whether you’re updating a will or planning your estate for the first time, turn to Mark O. Grater Attorney at Law in Groton, CT. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for giving every client their undivided attention, their team will ensure your wishes are respected and your family is properly cared for. Visit their website for more on their estate planning services. Call (860) 449-8059 for a consultation with a will attorney today.

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