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Watch for These 3 Signs of Termite Infestations in Wood Fences August 15, 2018

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Watch for These 3 Signs of Termite Infestations in Wood Fences, Hamptonburgh, New York

Wood fences are a wonderful addition to almost any property. They add a classic element to the exterior, give you privacy and security, and can be customized easily. However, they’re not without their drawbacks. Unlike metal fencing, wood attracts termites, leaving many homeowners scrambling to deal with the damage. While it is possible to treat a full-scale infestation, it’s best if you can catch the problem as early as possible. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your fence has termite damage.

3 Signs of Termite Damage in Wooden Fences

1. Flying Insects Around the Fence

Walk the length of the fencing and keep an eye out for any small flying insects. Often, they will look a bit like ants with wings. If you don’t see any flying around, check around the posts for discarded wings. These insects can shed wings, and a large colony will leave a visible trail, even if the infestation is just in its infancy.

2. Holes in the Wood and Posts

Wood FencesTermites burrow into wood and leave visible holes in their wake. Look for any visible boreholes along the fence. If none are visible, look for signs of sawdust or wood pulp around the base of the fence. If you see any piles of wood dust on the ground, call an exterminator. It’s likely that the fencing has existing termite damage and will need to be treated to prevent the insects from spreading into your home.

3. Mud Tubes Around the Base

Some types of termites live underground and build mud tubes up to their food source. Walk the entire fence line and inspect the base for mounds of mud or dirt. If you see something that resembles an anthill or notice mud creeping up the surface of the wood, you may have a termite problem. Call an exterminator immediately.


Termites must be addressed immediately to protect your home and property. If your property’s fences have been damaged by termites and are in need of replacement, contact American Fence Company. Serving the greater Hudson Valley, NY, area, their experienced team can repair or replace your fence quickly so your home will always look its best. In addition to wood, they offer chain-link, aluminum, and vinyl fences. Learn more about their services online and call (845) 427-5894 to schedule an estimate today.

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