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5 Reasons Why Community Engagement Matters August 14, 2018

Huntington, Huntington
5 Reasons Why Community Engagement Matters, Huntington, New York

Many people are unaware of the social structures and opportunities for personal advancement that surround them. Community engagement allows individuals to have a say in how their environment is shaped, regarding everything from business and politics to culture. Here are a few reasons why it’s critical to be active and get involved.

Why Is Community Engagement Important?

1. Improve the Environment Where You Live

What happens in a community impacts everyone who lives there. If the local economy is strong, then people will have jobs, and money will circulate and be reinvested in the community, benefiting everyone. By getting involved in local issues, you can highlight problems, discuss solutions, and offer your assistance.

2. Make Friends & Connections in Your Area

community engagementAdults often find it difficult to find and make new friends, which is important for happiness and continued personal growth. Participating in community events provides networking opportunities and a chance to build relationships with others, which will benefit both your personal and professional life.

3. Stay Informed About Local Issues

Community organizations offer a chance to stay informed about issues that affect you. They also provide a platform for you to voice your opinion about these problems, as well as opportunities to fix or improve them. Those in leadership positions will appreciate your feedback and consider it when they make decisions.

4. Gain Access to Resources

Community organizations exist partially to supply the tools people need to succeed in all aspects of life. From health and fitness programs to business resources, you may be amazed at all the support options that surround you. Instead of trying to struggle through problems on your own, let others offer their assistance and expertise.

5. Help Others

Helping others is perhaps the most important reason to engage with your community. By building partnerships and pooling ideas and resources, those with means can lend a hand to those who require support. Volunteering will improve the quality of life in the area, enhance your skills, and grow your contacts. 


If you want to make a difference in Suffolk County, NY, turn to the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce to learn about opportunities for community engagement. For almost a century, this organization has been offering everything from networking events and business resources to access to education and training. Become a member today by visiting them online, or call (631)423-6100 for further inquiries.

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