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Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce

Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce

164 Main St
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 423-6100
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The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting community and business development in the Greater Huntington, NY, area. Since 1925, the organization has provided support for the continuous advancement of the town’s economic climate. They recognize the value and strength of making a collective effort to increase the appeal of Huntington to all visitors and possible future residents by showing them why it’s a great place to live and do business.

As advocates for local business development, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce encourages the connection of potential business partners and customers through the various community events they put together. Members of the organization benefit greatly from gaining access to useful business resources, networking opportunities, and professional education and training.

With its main objectives focused on community and economic development, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking for new ways to provide its members with everything they need to find success in their personal and business lives. The organization also acknowledges the importance of fostering the development of young professionals and persistently working towards job growth.

Whether you’re interested in moving to the area or are a current resident looking to engage in community and business development, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce can provide you with a long list of services. Whatever your goals may be, the organization has made it their mission to help you achieve them. Contact them at (631) 423-6100, or visit their website to learn more about becoming a member.

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