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How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning Services August 9, 2018

How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning Services, ,

Carpet cleaning services can transform the look of your flooring while also eliminating allergens and bacteria in the home. A professional carpet cleaner will ensure every fiber is spotless and stain-free. However, you need to make sure your floor is ready before they show up if you want the best possible results. Here are some simple steps you can take for their arrival. 

3 Important Steps to Complete Before Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Clear the Floor

Your carpet cleaners need to be able to reach every corner of your carpet in order to clean it. Clear out any furniture, rugs, decor, or small objects that are covering the floor before they arrive. It’s also wise to remove any valuables from nearby tables or shelves so they don’t get damaged by the equipment. Then, you can go over the floor with a vacuum to pick up any excess dirt.

2. Clean Around the Area

carpet cleaningIt’s also a good idea to clean the surfaces near your carpet, like the baseboards, vents, and table legs. These areas won’t necessarily impact the carpet cleaner, but they can have dirt and dust on them that could get on your carpet shortly after it’s cleaned. 

3. Clear a Parking Space

If you have a driveway, leave an open space so that the team can unload their equipment and bring it right up to your door without getting in the way of your neighbors or others driving down the street. If you don’t have a driveway, try to leave a spot right in front of your house clear so that they can at least get in and out without adding in tons of extra time just to transport their equipment back and forth.  


If you’re in the market for carpet cleaning services in Anchorage, AK, you can rely on the professionals at Henry’s Services. The Alaskan-owned company also offers fire and water restoration and home improvement services, and has 24-hour emergency service available as well. Call (907) 344-4200 or request an estimate on the company’s website.

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