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3 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain July 25, 2018

Warsaw, Wyoming
3 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain, Warsaw, New York

Chronic pain can be exhausting and frustrating. For many individuals, living with persistent pain is a reality resulting from conditions such as osteoarthritis, previous injuries, and disease. If you’re experiencing discomfort and have found other treatment options ineffective, you could be an ideal candidate for physical therapy.

3 Advantages of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

1. Improve Muscle Strength

Chronic pain can cause you to avoid using certain muscle groups. Not only does this increase risks of straining other body parts, but it also results in the accelerated weakening of your compromised muscles. Physical therapists know which exercises you should perform to rebuild weak muscles safely. You may work with equipment such as exercise balls, equipment bands, or handrails to gain strength slowly and strategically without risking further injury.

2. Increase Range of Motion

Many individuals become sidelined from their favorite activities because they can no longer move freely. In some extreme cases, even daily activities like walking, bending down, or getting up out of chairs become difficult. Physical therapy employs the use of both in-office movements as well as at-home activities to increase mobility. The result is often improved functionality and a better quality of life.

3. Minimize Risks of Re-Injury

physical therapyWhen you’re compensating for a body part that’s in pain, you’re more inclined to cause another injury. Luckily, physical therapy arms patients with the knowledge of how to prevent re-injury. By adjusting your lifestyle habits and learning how to perform therapeutic exercises correctly, you can lower your risks of doing further damage. You’ll also develop an understanding of the cause of your chronic pain; this will help you avoid any behaviors that could contribute to it in the future.


No matter the cause of your pain, the professionals from Step by Step Physical Therapy in Warsaw, NY, can help. Serving the Western NY community, their team delivers targeted physical therapy services to help their patients overcome chronic pain and reestablish their daily routines as comfortably as possible. Their inviting family atmosphere has helped locals heal for over 25 years. Learn more about their services on their website or call (585) 786-8700 to schedule an appointment.

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