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Understanding the Importance of Groundwater Control June 1, 2018

Harrison, Harrison
Understanding the Importance of Groundwater Control, Harrison, Ohio

Mines, foundations, and most other projects require excavation below the water table. Achieving optimal results in many of these projects requires effective groundwater control to ensure the safety of workers and the stability of the underlying soil. Below are some of the reasons controlling the intrusion of water is a crucial element of almost any building or tunneling project.

Why Is Groundwater Control So Important?

Protecting the Safety of Construction Crews

groundwater controlCave-ins of tunnel sites and underground mines can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in serious injury or death. Groundwater penetration into the tunnel can weaken the wall of tunnels or foundation excavation, leaving workers exposed to sudden failure. To keep water from eroding the structure workers rely on for safety, groundwater control specialists may redirect water away from the suit or permanently seal cracks and crevices.

Promoting Structural Stability

Water pressing against foundation walls may eventually penetrate into the basement, where it could weaken the entire building. Saturated soil underneath the foundation may also be unstable, and could cause the entire structure to crack and lean. Once the damage is done, foundation problems are often very difficult and expensive to repair. In many cases, controlling the groundwater around a construction site is critical for the success of your project, especially if you are building in an area with a high water table.


As renowned groundwater control experts, T Luckey Sons has been called upon to repair basement leaks in the White House and assist with major dam projects. Their specialists are highly trained in some of the most advanced techniques and equipment in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to even the most intractable water penetration issues. Visit their website or call (513) 353-2345 now to schedule your free consultation, and follow the industry’s top contractor on Twitter for more tips and advice.

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