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T Luckey Sons Inc, Restoration Services, Services, Harrison, Ohio

When the toughest ground and surface problems develop across the nation, there is one company that is universally trusted to solve the issues: T. Luckey Sons of Harrison, OH. In business for more than 40 years, this elite team was even called in when there was a groundwater control issue in the basement of the White House. Few other companies can come close to that type of pedigree—a seal of approval from the most important building in the country.

As a renowned ground specialist, T. Luckey Sons has serviced many different clients including the government, industrial entities, and businesses. With an elite staff and state-of-the-art equipment, this team has the means to solve any ground problem you can imagine. Here are just a few of the services they offer:

  • Slab Jacking 

  • Soil Stabilization 

  • Foundation Repair 

  • Concrete Jacking 

  • Concrete Lifting 

  • Mine Repair

For operations such as roadway undersealing and industrial floor repairs, they have pioneered a specialized process of ground penetration that does not involve excavation. Using strategic radar, they develop the most efficient solutions without creating a problematic disruption in the ground.

What distinguishes T. Luckey Sons beyond their incredible capacity for problem-solving is their devout professionalism. Projects are always completed on time and within budget, and clients always know exactly what they’re getting. Because of their impressive track record of success with groundwater control and other surfacing issues, they are frequently contracted by a diverse array of clients including geotechnical engineers, construction contractors, and administrators of public works projects.

Whatever ground issue you may be dealing with, you can rest assured that the specialists at T. Luckey Sons will be able to swiftly determine a solution. You can discuss your specific needs with the staff by calling (513) 353-2345. Learn more about the groundwater control company by visiting their website.

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