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How to Engage Customers Online for Better Business Development June 22, 2018

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How to Engage Customers Online for Better Business Development, Huntington, New York

Companies in the digital age have a lot to keep track of. Technology is always evolving, which can seem like both a blessing and a curse: There are more ways than ever to connect with potential customers and grow a brand, but the tools have become increasingly more advanced and complicated as well. Since online interaction with customers is critical for business development, it’s worth learning the basic principles for navigating this world.

Build a Personal Connection

Because you’re not interacting with others face to face, exchanges can often feel cold and depersonalizing. To make people feel valued and invested in your company, it’s important to express compassion and understanding when they encounter difficulties and ensure the communication doesn’t sound too scripted.

One way to achieve this is through the language you use. If your content and dialogue are emotionless and formal, people will likely feel you’re talking at them rather than with them. On the other hand, conversational language communicates personality and makes readers feel like you’re in the room with them, increasing their chances of remembering the brand message.

What you post also impacts the brand’s image. When companies exclusively advertise products and services, potential clients get the impression that they only care about scoring their business rather than helping. Provide content that’s informative or entertaining—such as articles about how they can accomplish specific tasks—rather than just selling to them.

Develop a Community

business developmentTo get people to engage with you, give them a reason. This involves creating a community where they can chat with others and feel included. Facilitate this by creating a chatroom, a forum, or another place where individuals can mingle online. You’ll want to add a channel for them to leave feedback to stay in touch with what they want for the community.

Consider holding a contest on your website that encourages people to share everything from photos to ideas. Provide incentives for community engagement such as bonus content or discounts for those who join. Don’t just reply to questions directed at you: get involved in the comment thread and be a part of the conversation.


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