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5 Essential Tips for Pairing Red Wine With Certain Foods May 16, 2018

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5 Essential Tips for Pairing Red Wine With Certain Foods, Norwich, Connecticut

Part of what makes red wine such a timeless, enjoyable drink is the diversity of its many different styles and variations. Each red wine contains a nuanced blend of ingredients and notes, and it tastes even better when it’s served with the right food as an accompaniment. Follow these food-pairing tips from Universal Discount Package Store, the leading wine store of Norwich, CT, and you may just find even more levels to the rich, wonderful flavors of red wine.

5 Tips for Pairing Red Wine From a Wine Store

1. Pinot Noir

When drinking a medium-to-light bodied red wine such as pinot noir, an earthy dish will go well with the drink’s savory flavor. Try pairing pinot noir with mushrooms, truffles, or a cheese flatbread for an amazing meal.

2. Merlot

A fruity wine like merlot will make an excellent pairing with oily, fatty dishes such as salmon, roast duck, or even casseroles. It also creates a sweet, flavorful accompaniment to a lunchtime charcuterie plate.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon

wine storeBecause cabernet sauvignon is a more dense, full-bodied style of wine, it makes a perfect partner for hearty courses such as lamb, filet mignon, or beef. Try it as a side with coq au vin for a refreshing, satiating dinner.

4. Sangiovese

Are you in the mood for Italian food? Try picking up a bottle of this traditional Italian red wine from your local wine store. Its dry flavor and high acidity will complement a pasta dish with meat sauce or a grilled vegetable pizza.

5. Shiraz

This full-bodied red wine has become a staple of Australian cuisine, and its smoky flavor makes it perfect to pair with lean meats such as brisket, grilled lamb, or even beef stew.

If you’re planning to prepare a special meal with a nice bottle of red wine, plan your trip to the wine store right with one of these exquisite pairing suggestions. Whether you want an elegant bottle of wine or to simply stock your liquor cabinet, Universal Discount Package Store has the largest wine selection of any liquor store in Norwich, CT, with 8,000 square feet of options. To see what they currently have stocked in their inventory, visit the website or call (860) 889-6555.

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