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3 Creative Ways to Market Your Mobile Food Truck June 25, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Creative Ways to Market Your Mobile Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

Food trucks are exciting ventures, but they do require owners to spread the word about their delicious menus. The key to improving visibility for mobile food trucks is to come up with a strategic marketing plan that gets your customers excited about tasting your food while informing them about where they should go to dine. If you’re new to this business, consider the following tips to get moving in the right direction. 

How to Advertise a Food Truck

1. Use Your Unique Design

Your truck’s design should market the food and your service. Whether you decide to make posters, banners, or flyers, make sure they all use the same color scheme, font, and logo customers will see on the side of the vehicle. In addition to creating a memorable impression on your potential clients, this cohesiveness creates easy-to-spot advertisements that diners will immediately recognize and associate with your brand. 

2. Attend Local Events

mobile food trucksThe best way to tempt customers to try your food is to give them a taste! Bring your mobile food trucks to local sporting events, concerts, or festivals. If people like your offerings, they’ll spread word to friends and family. This marketing strategy is one of the simplest, fastest, and cheapest available, so get the conversation started by making a splash in your city. 

3. Host a Contest or Giveaway

People love getting a chance to win free products. Host a fun, friendly contest or select a random customer to give free food to show you are involved with the community. Promote the event on social media to market your menu items and logo far and wide. Even though you’ll only choose a handful of winners, you’ll pique the interest of many hopeful contestants. 


Managing a mobile food truck means balancing a number of moving pieces. If you’re looking for some help in Brooklyn, NY, count on Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions. Since 1979, they have offered expertise for both large and small commercial kitchens. Specializing in quality stainless-steel cookware, they’ll help you design and create the mobile kitchen you’ve envisioned. Reach out online to learn more about their innovative kitchen solutions or call (800) 253-4815.

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