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Why Is My Laptop Overheating & How Can I Fix It? May 11, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
Why Is My Laptop Overheating & How Can I Fix It?, Staten Island, New York

As powerful as today’s laptops are, they can still end up working harder than they should. When this happens, internal components can run at a faster, more frequent pace, causing the device to heat up. If your system is overheating, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need laptop repairs, but it is something you should resolve to prevent damage down the road. To help you keep your laptop cool, Alpha Laser Richmond — a PC repair specialist in Staten Island, NY — highlights a few simple solutions for overheating computers.

5 Ways to Cool Your Laptop Down

1. Take a Break

As you work on your computer for hours on end, you might notice that it gets hotter. To get it back to an ideal temperature, shut down the entire system and give yourself at least a 15-minute break.

2. Clean the Fans

laptop repairThe fans inside laptops are responsible for keeping internal parts cool. However, dust accumulation can slow down the fans, preventing them from reaching their maximum cooling ability. Locate the ventilation port and gently spray off the fans with a can of pressurized air duster to eliminate this buildup.

3. Change the Surface

When ventilation ports are blocked, laptop fans struggle to push out hot air. That’s why devices often heat up after sitting on laps or beds for a prolonged period. To protect your device, keep your system on a flat surface, such as a desk or table. If that isn’t helpful enough, use a cooling pad that will lift the laptop for optimal ventilation.

4. Simplify Usage

Running too many programs can put a strain on system resources, causing laptops to overheat and perform slowly. If your device is starting to get hot, close any programs that you aren’t using — even those running in the background. You can also try turning on power save mode to prevent your computer from using any extra energy.

5.  Increase Fan Speed

If you need to keep your system running, try downloading software that will allow you to increase the speed of laptop fans. While increasing the fan speed can create additional noise, it will help the computer release hot air at a faster rate.  

When these solutions don’t work, it may be time to seek out professional laptop repairs. If you need to fix an overheating laptop in Staten Island, NY, Alpha Laser Richmond can get your system up to speed. Backed with high-quality parts and years of experience, this computer and printer repair specialist can diagnose and resolve issues affecting different makes and models. To learn more about their quick and affordable services, visit this laptop repair company online or call a friendly expert at (718) 317-1263.

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